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Botswana Trip - 29 June to 8 July, 2018

The following persons were on the trip:

William with son Liam and Annarine Jan
Peter and Linda Mike and Clara
Chris with sons Matthew and Caleb Noel and Annie
Stan and daughter Ashley Herman and Gabriella

These 17 souls headed for Kwa Nokeng in four Cruisers and three Hiluxes on Friday 29 June. Kwa Nokeng is just across the Martin's Drift border post.

At Kwa Nokeng we met Mister Moustache and had the first of many enjoyable braais while we got to know each other better. During a trip like this strangers become friends.

We had to get our bums out of bed early Saturday morning because it was a long haul to our next stop in the Nxai Pans National Park.

The Captain (William) knew about a dicey shortcut which we took of course. There was only one small problem - there was a river to cross. There was a ferry, but it did not inspire us with confidence. So, the Captain tested the waters and we decided a crossing was doable. We all crossed safely and Stan received the prize for the most spectacular crossing.

After the river excitement it was relatively plain sailing. It was getting dark and we all were tired and keen to get to our camping site. But, Mister Ellie had other ideas. He casually walked down the road as if he owned it. Which I suppose, he does. After what felt like ages, he eventually disappeared into the bush.

We made camp and were tired and famished after a long day. But, there is nothing that boerewors and some anti-freeze cannot fix.

Day 3, Sunday 1 July, dawned bright and sunny. Our next stop was Third Bridge camp site in the Moremi Game Reserve. Although it was not far, we could not travel fast due to the poor roads. The roads in the reserve tested your resolve. It was fairly late when we rolled into Third Bridge. We made camp while we watched the elephants only 200m from us. There are no fences. This was to be our home for three days.

The camp site was pleasant and there was lots of game.

After a delightful three days at Third Bridge we left on Wednesday 4 July for the Big 5 Chobe Camp near Kasane. The roads in the reserve gave new meaning to bad roads. We had to cross a number of rickety bridges and in some sections our average speed was 10 km/hr. We stayed for two days at Big 5. The highlight was a boat trip on the Chobe River.

On Friday 6 July (Day 8), we had to sadly point the noses of our Toyotas southward. From Kasane we went to Elephant Sands, always a pleasure to overnight there. Then it was a long trek to Big Fig, just over the border. At Big Fig some of the softies, who will remain unnamed, decided to overnight in the chalets, while us toughies camped as usual. Next day it was back home. So ends another enjoyable trip. 

Trip report by Jan van Heerden.

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