Chairman's Letter


8 June 2020

What a relief to be allowed out, well sort of, after nine weeks of hard lockdown. There was very little difference between Levels 5 and 4 for most of us. Some of us have now been allowed to go back to work and try and salvage what is left of our businesses. I feel sorry for those that have not been allowed to start, as they are facing a bleak future. The bottle stores did a roaring trade this past week and judging by some of the queues, they have made up for lost turnover during lockdown. Itís amazing to have heard all about the poverty and food parcel queues, and then witness how the general population suddenly found money to buy alcohol. This reminds me that no matter how small the little dorpie we pass through on one of our trips, you always see a bottle store or two.

Covid19 is going to be part of our lives for the next eighteen months to two years or until the medical industry comes up with a vaccine. Iím not sure how all of these restrictions and rules are going to stop this virus from spreading. My feeling is itís up to the individual to take all the precautions that we have been hearing about. If one feels vulnerable then you need to be ultra-cautious and stay at home as much as possible. But for the rest of us, we need to get on with our lives and start enjoying ourselves again, and for me that means being allowed to go 4x4ing again as well as doing trips into the wild and remote areas. 

There is at present very little we can do as far as the Club is concerned as it remains closed under Level 3. The committeeís view is that as a member of the Club, you are a part owner of Base 4. As long as you do not break any of these draconian Disaster Management regulations, you are entitled to use the facilities at Base 4. This unfortunately does not include the clubhouse which will remain closed. You can thus, as an individual, go and drive the obstacles, have a braai or picnic and generally enjoy being out in the open. In order to do this, you need to be a member in good standing and have a key to Base 4. Please donít try and go in a group and have a party as there are regular patrols in the area because of the crime rate and the neighbors are also vigilant, so you are bound to be caught out and thus spoil it for others. Above all please donít try and camp over.

A few committee members went to inspect Base 4 this past week. Besides being very dry, as can be expected, everything was found to be in order. So please go and enjoy.

The Committee has had one Zoom meeting since the start of the lockdown, and we are scheduled to have another this coming Sunday. As always, the most pressing concern is the dwindling membership and how to attract younger members. Johann Eder has some ideas to assist us in this regard so is going to join the committee.

The FWDCSA WhatsApp group has quietened down and is being used for the purpose it was intended for. The FWDCSA social group has also quietened down significantly, probably as a result of Mike Green and others going back to work and not having so much time for BS!


Peter Hutchison
Four Wheel Drive Club SA
Cell: 082 825 1893


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