Chairman's Letter


4 July 2019

Once again, the club had a very successful open day in June which was fairly well attended by the usual crowd. The morning started with the breakfast team dishing up delicious bacon and egg rolls as well as chips and boerewors rolls. This addition proved very successful and the ladies with Roy’s help did a roaring trade. The club will again be offering the same at the next open day. For this to become a regular open day affair, we are going to need volunteers to spread the burden. Please anyone who is willing to help, speak to one of the members doing duty this coming open day.

Our lucky draw is proving very popular. We raised R 500.00 towards club funds and the lucky winner was Basil Sfarnas who also got R 500.00. So please buy a ticket on Sunday, remember the more tickets sold the bigger “The Pot”!

As we did not have a speaker, Geoff and Darrell set up a fun obstacle challenge for anyone to enter at R 20 a time. Participants could enter any number of times. A great deal of fun was had by all. Stocky, Keith and Louise tied for first place, so a shoot-out was called for, which Keith won in his Pajero Sport. We will again run this challenge on open day. It has been suggested that we make this an open day challenge with a floating trophy to be won at the end of the year with a shootout by all those who won an open day challenge.

After all the fun and games and a good deal of “kuiering” around the bar, a number of us had a “lekker braai” with a number of new members and visitors who bought our braai packs which are on sale from the bar.

Slowly but surely the number of members attending open day is increasing and there is a new positive vibe in the club house. The number of paid-up members is also slowly increasing, and we now have 124 paid-up members out of the 180 who paid last year and have not renewed or paid their subs. There are still a possible 300 potential members out there who are on our mailing list (and hopefully reading this letter) who were once members and who left for one reason or another – please come back. According to Karl we signed on four new members at last open day, the most ever on an open day. To those new members we extend a warm welcome and I sincerely hope we meet your expectations as “The Home of 4x4 Driving”.

The club and particularly our Secretary, Karl, had a very unfortunate and traumatic experience midway through the month. Karl’s house caught fire! What was not destroyed by the fire was severely damaged by water and smoke. Through all of this Karl was still able to manage the club affairs – thank you Karl, much appreciated! Speaking of which, if anybody is able to offer some assistance to Karl with some of his many club duties, doing so may enable him to enjoy some of the activities on offer as opposed to being busy attending to the needs of club members.

If all members contribute in a small way behind the scenes, the burden of running and maintaining our very special club, is shared.

On Saturday, 22nd June, 10 of us met at Base 4 where we met up with Geoff and his three students who were eager to improve their driving skills, for coffee.  The money having been collected, 7 vehicles left for Hennops 4x4 trail just around the corner from Base 4. Dave Bell led the way in his trusty old Land Rover which has seen a good many trails in its day and is still going strong! This old Landy certainly proved its metal, or perhaps it was Dave’s driving skills that did it, as he was the only one that exited “Harties View” unscathed! Of those of us foolish enough to try this obstacle, we all experienced some minor damage or other. The “clever three” opted to give this obstacle a miss. After some time extracting Kit’s Tank and running a few repairs, we completed the rest of the trail until ….. the Navara of our new adventurous lady member Naomi, decided to lose its fan belt just before the exit. It was left to Dave and his trusty old Landy to save the day by towing Naomi back to Base 4 where Geoff and a few others were on hand to have an impromptu “Bush Mechanic’s” course which resulted in Naomi get home safely – That’s the Club for You! While the experts were fixing the Navara the rest of us had a braai.

We are lucky up here on the Highveld in that we have relatively mild winters, although the days are short (getting longer now) and it’s cold in the morning, we are still afforded the opportunity to experience the great outdoors! So, let’s make the most of it, and what better way than to have some fun at Base4 on Sunday, 14th July and/ or join us for a day’s outing to Groenkloof on the 27th July.

Watch your email inbox for the Promo’s on these events. I will end here by requesting any member who is a modern-day tech wiz to help the committee by offering to take over the running of the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and whatever else is available to bring us into the modern info era.

Remember members, this is your Club. The more you put into the club, the more you will get out of it.

See you all on Sunday 14th July.



Peter Hutchison
Four Wheel Drive Club SA
Cell: 082 825 1893



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