Free ads for FWDCSA club members

Do you have a garage filled with 4x4 accessories, camping equipment or gear that you never use anymore? Convert these items into cash by advertising here - free to paid-up FWDCSA club members. Are you looking for a used winch, roof-top tent or binoculars? Place a 'wanted' advert here and you may find just what you need.

You can place a free advert on this page if you are a paid-up FWDCSA (Gauteng) member - click here.

The Four Wheel Drive Club of Southern Africa does not support any claims made by advertisers on this page, nor does it offer any guarantee of any sort on goods sold, nor warrant their suitability of purpose, nor vouch for their legitimacy of ownership. The FWDCSA merely acts as a third party to advertise, in good faith, products or services on behalf of the advertiser, and is not contractually bound in any way to any subsequent transaction or consequences thereof. The FWDCSA takes no responsibility for any consequence arising out of the publishing of advertisers' telephone numbers and/or E-mail addresses on this site as supplied voluntarily by them. Information sent to the FWDCSA by advertisers will be used for the purpose of publishing the advertisement only. No contact details provided by advertisers will be passed on by the FWDCSA to any other party.

For your own safety please read this...

Scammers and fraudsters are targeting online sales sites like this one and although they concentrate on the big sites like Gumtree, OLX and Auto Trader, they may also try their luck here. Typically an "interested buyer" will call you and want to buy your product. They will get your banking details from you in order to make a "deposit" but will make that deposit using a stolen cheque. The deposit will show up in your bank account balance and you then release the goods only to find that the amount is reversed back out of your account a few days later, leaving you without the goods or the money. You are advised not to release any goods until your bank first confirms that the funds have been cleared into your account. Get your bank to issue you with a reference number for the cleared funds. When in doubt (and particularly with high value items such as vehicles), insist on closing the deal in the charge office of your local police station, and take a picture of the buyer, his car and registration on your phone. If you are selling a car, be especially vigilant. When a prospective buyer first calls, it may help to ask him what he knows about the item you are selling. If he is a genuine buyer he would probably be quite well informed. If he says he is buying it for "someone else" then walk away from the deal.


For Sale

Toyota Hilux 4x4 For Sale 1988 Toyota Hilux 4x4 For Sale - Sold
Fully-kitted TurboDiesel 2,4 Toyota 2L-TE engine fitted in 1996 to replace 4Y Engine. All papers are 100% in order. Economical and sufficient power. Raised, Old Man Emu suspension, BF Goodrich all terrain tyres, 6x spotlights, ARB front and rear bumper, canopy, roof racks (metal & aluminium) car and canopy, diff breathers, removable tow bar (fits front and rear), recovery points front and rear, Detroit locker fitted in rear diff, extra spare wheel carrier, sidesteps, tinted windows, double fuel tank, snorkel and immobiliser. Everything works except the aircon and the rear right window mechanism. Price is R72,000 negotiable.
 Placing an Advert
If you are a paid-up member of the FWDCSA (Gauteng) you can place an advert on this page at no cost for as long as it takes to sell the item. Send an E-mail to Webmaster and be sure to include the following information: A detailed description of what you are offering; the selling price (in SA Rands); whether the item is for sale, to swop or wanted; your first name and surname; your contact phone number; your city; your E-mail address; your FWDCSA membership number and most important of all - a picture of the item, which makes it much more attractive to potential buyers.

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