Extended Trip to Kgalakgadi
05 - 14 April 2019


Kgalakgadi TripWould you like to hear the roar of lions at night? Would you like to hear them while wild-camping as far from civilization as you can get? If this sounds like your cup of tea then this is  the trip for you!

This trip will have us camping wild for  five nights in the Zutswa Wild Life  Management Area and the Mabuasehube Pan in the Kgalakgadi Transfrontier Park (KTP). We kick things off at Botsolona Nature Reserve (near Zeerust). Botsolona is a feeder reserve for the Northwest Parks Board and is teeming with a variety of mammals – including rhino!

Next, we cross into Botswana and head north to just past Kang to the Kalahari Lodge for an overnight stop. (Chalets are available by your own arrangement. This will be the last opportunity to spend a night in a comfy bed!). Thereafter we will head through Hukuntsi, which will be the last chance to fill up with fuel) and then into the wild!

 kgalakgadiOnce we pay for and collect our permits for Qhaa Qhing Conservation Trust in Zutshwa we head along sandy paths towards Jim Morris pans where we do our first stint of wild camping. This will last for three nights with plenty of time for exploration in the days before we finally make our way to the KTP.

The next two nights will be spent at Mabua Campsite. From there we head to Cornwill Lodge which will have all necessary facilities as well as the option of chalets for those who would like a proper bed (again by your own arrangement).

This leads to the final leg of the trip back across the border and to Botsolona for the last night together.

kgalakgadiImportant Information 

  • This trip is limited to 8 vehicles (Including myself)
  • This trip will see us traveling through the Kalahari Desert with dunes and very thick sand. While a small camper trailer might make it, a large camper trailer / caravan will NOT!
  • You will need to carry enough fuel for 900km, taking a lot of thick sand into consideration. Fuel consumption figures of 20l/100km are not unusual in the sand - even higher if you are towing.
  • You need to be carrying a minimum of 5 litres of water per person per day – more if you want to shower every day. Please do consider the heat and aridness of a desert as well as your ablution water needs for the days where we will be roughing it. There will be an opportunity to refill water but do note that this water will be brackish and not suitable for drinking. On the topic of wild camping please note: You need to be COMPLETELY SELF SUFFICIENT! Three nights will be wild camping (no facilities of any sort) and two nights will be with unreliable and/or limited facilities.
  • There will be no electricity so please bring solar panels if possible to make sure you keep your batteries charged – FORGET ABOUT GENERATORS!


The cost of this trip will be:

  • R 3100 per person for FWDCSA members
  • R 3600 per person for non-members (Only if they are traveling in their own vehicle. If they are traveling with a member in the member’s vehicle they will pay the member’s rate)
A deposit of R 2000 will secure your place. Please note that this deposit will be non-refundable. A trip shirt will be available for R 400. If interested please give your shirt size and number if you would like one. It can be paid for at the same time as the deposit.

This trip is being led by Peter Hutchison. Peter has done many trips to the Kgalakgadi.

If you have any questions, please contact him at peter@mwcivils.co.za

Download the booking form here


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