Extended Outing to Limpopo, Banhine and Massingir
24 August to 4 September 2018


For this trip the club will be travelling to two different parks in Limpopo, the Blouberg Nature Reserve as well as to Mapungubwe. From there the trip will move on through the Kruger National Park into Mozambique. The Mozambique leg of the trip will have us travel to Banhine National Park and give us a look at Massingir Dam.

The trip will start as we all meet up late Friday afternoon at Serendipity (just outside of Mokgopong /  Naboomspruit) which is approximately 2˝ hours north of Johannesburg. We will spend the night there, where - over a fire and a few beers - we can meet our fellow travellers.

On the first Saturday of our trip we will kick things off in a proper manner with a short trail, nothing too difficult, to get into the swing of things. All those who could not make it to Serendipity on Friday have the chance to meet up with the rest of the group. We will then make our way through to Blouberg Nature Reserve. The Reserve has plenty of game to view and is host to the largest colony of Cape Vultures in Africa! We will be staying here for 2 nights giving us the entire Sunday to explore the reserve and surrounding areas.

Come Monday we will head to Mapungubwe National Park. At the park we will head to the Treetop walk where we will be able to view the Limpopo and Sashe rivers’ confluence. The rest of the day will be on 4x4 roads heading to the west side of the park. The following day will have us see our way to the east side of the park to take a tour of the interpretive centre and Mapungubwe Hill.

After this we will fit in a few trails before we head for Tshipise Forever Resort and the hot mineral springs where we will spend 2 nights.
Wednesday will be used to relax and recharge our batteries! This will also be a chance to say goodbye to the underappreciated ablution facilities as we begin the real adventure of wild camping!

Thursday we cross the border into Mozambique. We will stop at Crooks corner before heading through to Pafuri Border. Once on the other side the roads will be bad so our travelling will be slow.

Friday is the day where we throw out the odometer in favour of a clock as the wild nature of the terrain means distances are no longer measured by kilometres but rather by hours. This will bring with it the joy of using our vehicles as they were meant to be! Friday’s goal will be to get to Banhine National Park. In order to achieve this goal we will have to cross the Limpopo River. We will pass through Mapai to get to the entrance gate to Banhine. Depending on the condition of the road (anywhere from solid to non-existent please take this unofficial detour!) we will either camp at Domasse or at the main camp at Banhine (a further 3 hour drive).
On Saturday we will then make our way back to Mapai and recross the Limpopo. Sunday we will travel southwards exploring the wild and overgrown part of the park. Our choice for camping this night has a large variety to choose from.

Monday, will sadly, be our last full day of the trip where we will head to Massingir Dam and Tuesday will see us cross back in to SA as we re-enter the Kruger through Giriyondo. From there we will say our goodbyes and all make our way home.

This trip will be limited to 6 Vehicles ONLY as some of the areas we will be exploring I have not been to myself.

The estimated cost of the trip is R4950 per person for members (non-members R5950). This will cover all camping and conservation fees in the Limpopo National Park only. You are responsible for the conservation fees for SANP. A Deposit of R2500 secures your place (non-refundable). Trip shirts cost R375 each, please give size.

Border crossing fees, fuel costs, and (should it be needed) ferry fees are NOT included in this cost.

Deposits need to be paid and numbers confirmed in order to finalise all necessary arrangements. All those interested please make bookings through the club.

A few extra things:
Some of the areas we will be traveling to are malaria zones and some in Mozambique are high-density malaria zones. Please make sure that you take anti-malarial medication as malaria is no joke. It is not a pleasant experience and can result in a trip to the hospital. So please do not listen to tales of “there is no need for the medication” and make sure you have anti-malarials with you.

Also note that the roads we will be travelling on we will get very rough and will not be suitable for caravans or trailers, so please note that no caravans or trailers will be allowed!

Bring your own water, enough for the trip and 5 days more! It is the one resource you do not want to run out of!

Lastly although we should be able to get fuel at either Mapai or Massingir Dam, fuel in Africa is unreliable so make sure you go prepared and have enough to do +/- 1000km (half of which will be in four wheel drive).

Space is limited to six vehicles.

For further information please contact Peter Hutchison peter@mwcivils.co.za

Download the booking form here 





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