Chairman's Letter


19 December 2020

This is the last newsletter for 2020 and what a very trying year it has been. At the beginning of the year, we saw some promise that attempts would be made towards positive change in our country. Although there was no doubt that economically it was always going to be difficult, it looked as if the government was trying to get a handle on the corruption and put mechanisms in place to turn the economy around, even though this was expected to take some time. Then Covid came and the wheels fell off! Both the economy as well as the attempt to curb corruption went south very rapidly!

We are now officially in the “second wave” of Covid. I do believe we are all partially guilty of becoming a bit too complacent. We now have to contend with more severe restrictions, some sensible others not so. Not sure how you can pass on or catch the dreaded virus on a deserted beach?

So, where does this leave us? Linda and I have decided to take a break from all of this, the Club included. We are currently at our holiday home on the Eastern Cape coast – a declared Covid hot spot! There is nothing we can do about the ban on going to the beach except relax and enjoy ourselves looking at the sea but not swimming in it.

As far as the Club is concerned, December has always been quiet after the Open Day. This year was going to be a little different as Halfway Toyota planned on having a promotional drive at Base 4 on the 19th December, to which all club members were invited. As it was shaping up to be a real great weekend, the committee decided to not have an official Open Day Weekend.  Unfortunately, the Halfway Toyota event has had to be postponed due to the uncertainty of the “second wave” of Covid.

All was not lost as Simon Grant and his mates had a Christmas Bash at Base 4 on the 12th December. As some of his friends were not members, Simon made a generous donation to The Club – thank you Simon. This is perfectly acceptable and we encourage all members to make use of Base 4. If you are planning to using Base 4 during December and January you may need to contact Karl to get the padlock combination to the bottom gate as the padlock at the main gate is worn and very difficult to unlock.

Also, as a result of all the rain and the fact that Base 4 is in a nature reserve, please be careful of the wildlife, especially the terrapins in the river at the bottom if planning to drive the obstacles that go through this river.

The last Open Day weekend held mid-November was extremely successful. Peter Gordon-Cumming of Bushveld Mosaic gave an interest presentation on a course offered by them, which will benefit anyone who wishes to learn more about nature and being in the wild. Thereafter, Ivor Rimmer from the Off-Road Rescue Unit regaled us with what the Unit is about and all the good work they do. It was such an enjoyable talk that he was immediately made to promise us that he would return in the not too distant future to tell us about their time in Mozambique after it was hit by a cyclone a couple of years ago.

Geoff then ran his delayed, but very successful, treasure hunt which was won by Noel and Anne. Myni was second and Muzzy and new member Dorota were joint third. There were some great prizes which were very kindly donated by Mike Green, Dave Nixon and Roy and Wendy Olivier. What made this event even better was that Anne and Muzzy donated their prizes back to The Club to be auctioned off by Noel. The treasure hunt together with the monthly lucky draw, breakfast and bar sales, resulted in us raising over R 7,500.00 towards club funds! – Thank you.

Finally, after all the action the members were able to go down to the Lapa where the fires had been lit and have a braai or eat their picnic lunch. I counted over 18 vehicles camping over that night – a very successful Open Day Weekend!

Dave Mac rounded off November with a very successful weekend camping at Mabalingwe with 12 fellow members. By all accounts they had a great time despite the weather.

All those members who are lucky enough to be going away on holiday, please drive carefully, wear your masks and stay safe.



Peter Hutchison
Four Wheel Drive Club SA
Cell: 082 825 1893


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