The Four Wheel Drive Club of Southern Africa

Piesangkloof 4×4 Trail Day Outing – 30 October 2016


14 vehicles met up on the 30th October at Piesangkloof main entrance, we were met by the owners of the property Martiza and Mike Els.

They explained the setup and the different facilities that are available at Piesangkloof. After signing the indemnities and waiting for 1 person, whose GPS had sent them to the other side of Brits. We were ready to head off into the mountains to bounce around for a couple of hours.

The trail starts off going through the bush camp area where we were going to return later for lunch and to relax under the shade of the trees along the river. As we left the camp we went through the first gate into the start of the Magalies Mountains.

Straight away we had a decent introduction with a climb up the first hillside, which has some loose rock and sand to get everyone awake and ready.

The first trail heads up the mountain to a beautiful view point that overlooks the Hartebeespoort Dam, passing a few valleys on the way up.  The first trail is quite rocky and definitely bounces the kidneys around but not to challenging that you will hurt your vehicle or yourself.

Everyone made it up the track and to the view point with no major incident except one over heating car. On top of the mountain the wind was blowing gales but would normally be a nice spot for a braai at the view point. There are also loads of vultures and other raptors that circle around the mountain top.

The second part of the trail heads around the top of the view point and then travels along the top of the mountain range until your reach a turn to head back down the mountains and into the neighbouring farmers property and back down to the main road and back to camp.

We had a minor direction malfunction and ended up going down what we thought was a trail that ended up as a single track. However being the male I am I tried to head down further much to shouts from next to me that it was not the greatest idea….

Anyhow I needed a little winch to help me out of the situation and we turned around and headed back eventually finding the correct road and back to the bush camp to have a braai and a drink.

I would like to thank everyone that joined us for this day and hope that everyone enjoyed it and that we will make the trip again when the rains have fallen and the trail is a little more challenging.

Mike Bell