The Four Wheel Drive Club of Southern Africa

Serendipity – June 2015

Read Dave’s original trip report with imagery here

I arrived Friday afternoon to a very quiet and deserted Serendipity, Wilma and Johan, a colleague, were huddled around a heater in the office where I completed the usual paper work.

Brian arrived some 45 minutes later and we took over one of the huts and prepared for the evening. We enjoyed a quiet evening with a roaring fire to keep the cold away, having a few noggins to keep the insides warm and with the mandatory braai, before retiring to warm beds.

After breakfast on the following day David Mac and Jenny arrived just on 9 am and set up his caravan in all hast and speed. We set off for the 3 hour trail, with 3 vehicles, just after 10 and it was good fun.

Dave B, who led the convoy, spent a lot of time outside his vehicle investigating the terrain and making it so easy for the rest of the group to follow in the correct line. Guiding through obstacles was also done by David.

Although the trail was quite dry as per our normal winter conditions it was still challenging and we did find some shallow water to cross. Some of the game that is on the farm was evident and I disturbed a magnificent male Kudu as we descended a steep decline. The rest of the group missed out, so maybe it should be considered an unconfirmed sighting?

The dam on the property was the lowest that I have ever seen it you could almost drive to the middle; we stopped twice for some snacks and to enjoy the peaceful surroundings as we were the only group on the trail.

Later as we were preparing for the evening Clive and Delmarie arrived to spend the evening with us. So from a very quiet start to the weekend a great evening was held around the fire, with much laughter and magic banter.

A lot of what was said cannot be repeated but we were in stitches with some of the antics of Clive, who does a fantastic impersonating job. You have to join us on an outing to appreciate his skill. (Ed Dave Bostwick is no slouch either)

Sunday morning we set off for the one hour drive, which is quite tactical, and included some road building. Clive, unfortunately, managed to lose some of his front bumper on a particularly difficult climb but the rest of the rail was completed without mishap.

The one hour trail is recommended for real 4 x 4 action and also has some awesome climbs and descents and we had some fairly deep water to negotiate.

At about midday, after a very nice breakfast come Brunch prepared by Delmarie, it was time to depart. Surprisingly the weather was very warm during the day so short sleeve shirts and shorts could be worn, all in all a small group, but we had a lot of Fun.

Till next time,
Regards David Bostwick.