The Four Wheel Drive Club of Southern Africa

Three Provinces – 30 May-01 June 2014

We arrived later than anticipated on Friday night due to Standerton Road being so bad and all stop and goes, but in no time we had set up camp and had the fire going and all was forgotten. As Peter, Magriet & Andrew and his family arrived we all gathered around the fire, making dinner. The other members decided to stay in new chalets, which by comments made, were very nice indeed.

Next morning we gathered at camp site after breakfast and left in convoy +/- 10 vehicles at 9.30am for day, led by Dave. Driving on this beautiful farm, stunning views as you drive. The course was quite challenging at times, men had lots of discussions, discussing obstacles which was best way to go.

At the first obstacle we watched in slow motion as Simons red Jeep decided on its own, to disengage handbrake and start rolling downhill, Simon couldn’t run fast enough and dived into car head first, it was funny ……to see his legs kicking from outside as he luckily stopped the Jeep in time.

On route we had to lift a tree trunk that was growing across road, blocking higher vehicles from passing easily. Hope Kit’s car didn’t get damaged, he was first to encounter it.

When we arrived at Grade 5 climb, just before 3 Provinces point, we all looked up at this yellow Jeep that had slid into rocks, off track. Not one of us.

Len and Peter took pity on guy and decided they would walk up hill and help him out, in true FWDC style. We decided it would be a good place to stop for lunch, hauled out chairs as we enjoyed lunch time entertainment. Took a while but Len and Peter managed to help the guy get his car to safety.

We all declined invitation to drive up the hill, Muzzy thought he would give it a good go and show us how it was done, with Dave on radio saying “ uuummm Muzzy…. now would be a good time to turn around…” Muzzy thought not…..

It was very windy and cold at top where the three provinces meet, so we stopped for a short visit then started trip back.

Back at camp Len and Peter got the “donkey” going, we had great bush showers with enough hot water for days.

That night we met at the farmhouse at 7pm, we were welcomed by the biggest campfire, made with tree trunks that burnt all night, as we set our chairs around to keep warm. Ronel’s food never disappoints, we had lovely salads and steaks made to order, boerewors, dessert and coffee.

Simon was handed a “strafdop” (which he deserved) by his son Josh. LOL

Lots laughing and joking about days activities, well into the night. Another great trip with great people was had by all.

Until next time

Louise Botha