The Four Wheel Drive Club of Southern Africa

Serendipity – 28 Feb – 02 Mar 2014


We arrived at Serendipity at around 6pm. We set up camp which was quick as usual because Dave only believes in three-second tents. Everyone was there already with a nice fire on the go. The weather was beautiful with stars in the sky. We all cooked our meals around the fire while chatting and getting to know each other. We had lots of wood, I would say around 16 bundles. We all retired at around 10 or 11pm.


We were woken up by very noisy ‘neighbours’ across the river (not part of our group). Their loud music sounded like we were at a rock concert. Thank goodness it stopped abruptly after two songs – I assume someone had complained. Sleeping after that was not going to happen, so we had breakfast and met at 9am for a briefing with Dave to discuss the trail. We set off around 9:30 in lovely weather. Our group consisted of 6 vehicles: Prado – William and Bronwyn Webb and kids, Liam and Cassidy; Discovery – Pat and Maggie Whelan; Nissan Patrol – Dave and Yolandi Henson and kids, Chloe and Kerry; Nissan – Alan and Denise Geddes; Fortuner – Bruce and Lesly; Defender – Chris and Ian de Beer.

The trail was very well marked, green and very scenic and after a few hours of trail driving we stopped for lunch at the dam. The kids were having lots of fun in the water, while in the distance some dark, ominous clouds were gathering. We carried on with the trail after lunch and at the top of one obstacle we stopped to look at a most interesting, big black spider with yellow spots – an Orb spider – in a huge web. I would not want to walk into that web by accident! She looked quite poisonous and aggressive.

We arrived back at camp around 3:30 just as it started to drizzle. The drizzle turned into heavier rain that carried on until night time. We all sat under cover and kept ourselves busy, kids running in the mud, and I was moving our camp for fun! We all sat under the main cover/lapa at Bundu camp which provided cover from the rain. Pat even supplied a portable fire/braai we used, so we still had a warm fire going despite the rain. The rain certainly did not dampen the fun and laughter. We had supper and retired later.


We woke up to a very wet morning, but slept well with no further noise from the ‘neighbours’. As a result of the very wet conditions, only two vehicles decided to go out on the one-hour trail at around 9 am. It included a couple of river crossings, exactly what the guys enjoy. Before going back to camp, William and Dave played in a bit of mud because, of course, they couldn’t go home in a clean car!

Back at camp an hour later, everyone started packing up wet tents. We all said our goodbyes and left around lunch time.

I am sure everyone will agree, we all had fun despite the rain and we hope to see you guys again soon!

Yolanda Henson