The Four Wheel Drive Club of Southern Africa

Trip to Tuli, Botswana – 27 April to 1 May, 2006

Come in 4×4 convoy, this is vehicle No 6 over

2006_tuli_01_bigA very big thank you for an absolutely awesome, awesome, awesome weekend in Botswana. Simon and I enjoyed every minute of it and more! It was one of the best weekends away we have had.

I promise we don’t live a sheltered life or anything – it is just that the trip was so well organised and it was the people that made it. We had such a good group and I was very teary-eyed to say goodbye (what a wussy hey!). I think it is the fond memories of all of you (yes I know it is only Thursday so it’s only been three days since we saw you all last) that made it so special. It was truly a memorable trip. I blubbed some more when I got the photos developed.

The abseiling was such a hoot. I still can’t believe I did it and still can’t believe the language! Whoops. I watched the video and man did I take long! Poor Dave needs a back massage as it took so long to film he’s in pain! Marlize and Victor I think all credit to you – that’s the only reason I got down as you knew how to handle a poop-scared chick!

I can’t really think of enough words to describe what a good holiday we had. It was fun from Day 1 and I hope we see you all at open days and on more trips. I love meeting new people and get so attached – hate to say goodbye – (here I go again – blub, blub).

I have put some thanks below but really thanks to everyone – everyone was great. Next time we can meet the other half of the trip a bit better.

Simon and I both think the Four Wheel Drive Club is great and should be very proud of itself and members. All I can say is we never did anything with the community and feel like this is our place – we definitely want to do marshalling or fence patrols in the future. Feel like we have a whole new family and friends now. Okay this is getting too sentimental now so back to the laughs.

To Thorsten and Louwrens and Vince and Victor (and all their other halves) – thanks for arranging such a well put together trip. I never felt under pressure for time and considering we were camping I have never been so relaxed. It was such a pleasure of a trip. I am glad we are doing the August trip to Makgadikgadi Pans with you!

Louwrens your catering was superb – who knew you could have huge T-bones in the bush. We ate like kings. And Vince – your pasta was excellent! Victor – thanks for all your assistance – gaviscon (and savlon) for the tent! The tent has thankfully recovered (and so has Simon finally). We can’t thank you enough for all your efforts. I know our reputation will be hard to lose but once again – WE DON’T DO THIS AT HOME AND I DON’T SWEAR! Hee hee.

Francois and Ursula – was lovely to spend so much time with you – look forward to our diving trip – let’s make it happen. Storm you are a trooper – did the tooth come out yet? Jason and Ian you are really well behaved kids – I’ll baby sit anytime.

Dennis and Marlene – you were the first people we spoke to and welcomed us so warmly – thanks for being so great and Marlene – thanks again for the Imodium! :-)
Robert and Hanneke – Get the kettle on – I’ll be in Alberton soon so will be popping in for some tea (yes tea – not wine or gin, but tea).
Forbes and Jenny – our porta potti mates for life. Thanks for all the good humor and sharing of toilet habits. We did say to everyone – once you share toilet habits you become family! Look forward to bumping into you at Nata, etc.
Len and Louise – you guys were great. Looking forward to meeting up for a crazy dinner in Lone Hill somewhere. Maybe we should arrange some more abseiling so Louise can get down even quicker. (Believe it or not as I am typing this Louise has just called me to plan a night out!). See you at Chef’s on Thursday – can’t wait!
Dave and Sandy (why eye man) – it was a pleasure to share 75 bottles of red wine and 15 liters of gin with you. I can’t actually remember any conversation we had but look forward to doing it all over again :-) Just kidding – you guys rock!
Henry and Captain America and the kids – thanks guys for keeping us so entertained – feel sad Chuck lives in Cape Town so we might not see him for a while. Never laughed so much in my life. You are a real comic. Henry you are an inspiration with your kids – I think everyone can feel the love.
Adelle and Andre – thanks for making the movie – can’t wait to see it. Thanks for listening to all my kak on night one as well! BTW – next time I sleep by the fire I am going to pinch some blankies from you guys or Captain America! I froze my tushy off.
I have probably forgot lots of thank you’s but you get the picture.

Thanks again.
Look forward to the next one – waiting with eager anticipation!

Sarah and Simon
AKA Vehicle 6