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Started in March 1972 by a dozen 4×4 enthusiasts, the Four Wheel Drive Club of Southern Africa (FWDCSA) now incorporates 10 branches across South Africa, Botswana and Swaziland and has over 1600 members. The club is a family-oriented, recreational club for 4×4 owners that stand for responsible off-road driving.

The FWDCSA owns a 14ha property in Doornrantjes near Hennops called Base 4 which boasts a large clubhouse, lapa, camping grounds with rustic but full ablutions with hot and cold running water, picnic facilities, childrens play area as well as a number of off-road obstacles. Club members get to use the obstacle course and camping facilities free of charge all year round.

On the second Sunday of every month, the FWDCSA hosts an open day at Base 4 where anyone interested in finding out about the club and its activities is invited. The day is also attended by club members and is a great social gathering. Base 4 is also utilized for driver training, recovery courses, conferences, social gatherings and 4×4 competitions.

Regular outings are arranged by our outings committee which include a range of local, day trips, short weekend getaways and extended outings in and around South Africa.

If you are considering a 4×4 lifestyle, why not come to one of our open days and get first hand information from people who have actually driven most of the 4×4 brands available.

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The FWDCSA is hosting a 1.5km 4×4 track at the Outdoor Eco Adventure Travel Expo 2016. To pre-book, please click here.
  • Sat

    Learn the art of four-wheel driving. During this four-wheel-drive training course our enthusiastic instructors will teach you how to get the best out of your four-wheel-drive vehicle. At our Base 4 training venue, you will learn the skills to successfully drive your vehicle off road.

    At the beginning of the course you will explore your four-wheel-drive vehicle, gaining knowledge about its systems and their correct use. Next is terrain assessment, or how to 'read' the obstacle and assess the best and safest path for your vehicle.

    Getting behind the wheel of your vehicle, you will cover driving techniques including stall/start recovery, ascents and descents, crossing ruts, gullies, rocks and ditches, and water crossings. Learn the essentials of wheel placement, throttle control and much more.

    The small size of our groups means that you are guaranteed to spend lots of time behind the wheel with our instructors.

    If your vehicle is equipped with electronic traction aids you will be familiarised with their correct operation and the specific driving techniques for the various types of terrain you may face.

    So join us for an educational, informative, fun and very 'hands on' training day and learn what you and your four-wheel-drive vehicle are capable of.

    Please Note: Participants need to provide their own registered and roadworthy four-wheel-drive vehicle for this course. If you are unsure about the suitability of your vehicle, please contact us to discuss the matter. This experience is suitable for people of all driving abilities.

    Venue: Base 4
    Duration: Saturday 08h00 to 17h00
    Costs: R1100 per member or R1800 per non-member

    Contact Karl Hoffman on 079-065-2795 or


  • Sat

    Reach for a Dream 4x4 Fun Day at Base 4.

    Cost: R350 per vehicle.

    Reach for a Dream Fun Challenge Rules 2017
    Standard vehicles are stipulated as follows:
     Your vehicles needs to be visibly the same as what it was from the manufacturer
     Must be registered and licensed to travel on a public road
     The vehicle must be equipped with low range four wheel drive.
     Short wheelbase will be classified as a car with a wheelbase shorter than 100” (2540mm)
     Long wheelbase will be classified as a car with a wheelbase longer or equal to 100” (2540mm)
     Every vehicle must have roof and doors.
    Accessories will be allowed:
     Replacement aftermarket bumpers
     Snorkel
     Roll bar
     Winch
     Skip plate
     Sidesteps or rock sliders
     Canopies
     Roof racks
     Shocks
     Exhausts
     Aftermarket suspensions
     Changing tires sizes or designs
     Spotlights
    Scrutinizing will be done by a very experienced off road enthusiast so be warned he will check everything!
     Medical kit
     Recovery kit including shackles rated ropes and safety bridals
     Front and rear recovery points fastened with a min of 8.8 rated bolts
     No grab hook recovery points will be accepted
     Fire extinguisher
     Non alcoholic fluids for every occupant
     Valid license disk on the vehicle
     Valid driver’s license for the vehicle class
     Operational seat belts.
    Bonus and Penalties:
     Front locker - 30 points
     Traction control system - 20 points
     Rear locker – 10 points
     Body modifications shortened body wheels arches cut etc - 300 points
     Interfering with the obstacle markers - 100 points
     Interfering with the marshal’s duties - 100 points
     Being recovered from a obstacle - 100 points.
     Talking on two way radio m - 100 points
    All obstacles will be scored negatively. It means once you start with an obstacle you have 100 points and as you make mistakes it will be deducted from the 100 points obtained. Information sheets in regards the obstacle is available to you as competitor from all marshals at every obstacle.
    Penalties points’ structure for all obstacles
     Stopping in an obstacle – 10 points
     Roll back further than 10 cm – 10 points
     Touching banner tape if any - 20 points
     Touching a pole – 20 points
     Missing a gate – 50 points
     Interfering with an obstacle – 100 points.
    You are a competitor at all obstacles and the marshal is in charge. The Marshal will therefore instruct any team when to proceed and score their actions. The Marshal may stop any team, at any stage for safety reasons by means of blowing on a whistle, this means STOP IMMEDIATETLY.
    Kindly consult with the marshal at the obstacle only when it’s your teams turn to partake and not before as it will be seen as interfering.
    The marshal’s verdict is final, if there are any complaints / objections it must be addressed to the Clerk of the Course and after all the facts were examined the decision being made will be final. Remember it is fun event and there for everyone to enjoy
    Recoveries will be at risk of the vehicle owner, thus the vehicle owner is in charge in the event of needing a vehicle recovered ie it means your equipment will be used as well as safety equipment with each recovery. The Marshal may offer assistance or depending on the degree of recovery required he or she will inform the clerks of the course when needed.
    All competitors must sign an indemnity document.
    Please ensure that you have checked with your insurance before partaking in this event. This is not a timed trial but fun event for the Reach for a Dream Pretoria branch.

    Book now to avoid disappointment:

    Anel Engelbrecht


    Reach for a Dream Rules

    Reach for a Dream Banking Details

    Reach for s Dream Rules

    Reach for a Dream Booking Form

  • Sun

    The annual general meeting of the FWDCSA (Gauteng Branch) will be held at 10h00 on Sunday 26th March 2017.

    This is your opportunity to elect the committee of your choice as well as to get updated financial information from the treasurer on the 2016 financial year.

    The present portfolio holders will all be available for re-election but it is always good to add new blood to keep the committee dynamic and vibrant. Give some thought as to who you would like to see on the committee.

    Nomination forms as well as the final agenda will be forwarded on 5th February.


    Agenda of the 44th Annual General Meeting of the Four Wheel Drive Club of Southern Africa – Gauteng, to be held at 10h00 at Base 4 on the 26th March 2017


    • Notice convening the meeting and signing of the attendance register
    • Welcome and apologies
    • Acceptance of the agenda with any additional items from the floor
    • Confirmation of the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting of 28th February 2016 and matters arising.
    • Chairman’s Report
    • Treasurer's report and financial statements for 2016
    • Nomination and election of committee for 2017.
    • General
    • Closing of meeting.


    Please forward any additional items you would need included under General by 5th March 2017 for inclusion on the agenda.

    Kind Regards,

    Karl Hoffman
    Secretary / Accountant

    Phone 079 065 2795
    Fax      086 695 5617


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